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OSUVOX is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D avatars living on the blockchain. Each Osuvoxian is interoperable and can be used within multiple metaverses.

An OSUVOX avatar is a unique NFT and the world's first customisible avatar with full metaverse interoperability as a primary objective. Every OSUVOX holder will recieve a 1 out of 10,000 unique portrait image. This can be used across multiple platforms as an avatar profile picture. Check out the OSUVOX Collection on OpenSea.

A fully 3D Avatar spinning in the OSUVOX metaverse. Each avatar will receive a free body and will be further customisable in the OSUVOX Portal. To learn more about OSUVOX avatars visit the Avatars page.

Each Avatar will be interoperable within a multitude of metaverses and games such as The Sandbox, OVR, Arcona and others. To find out more, head over to our Discord.


We'll be bringing exclusive Osuvox content to the metaverse in AR and VR. Our digital land (Arcona, OVR, The Sandbox and Cryptovoxels) will host NFTs, games and events. This content will directly correlate with the Osuvox NFTs released in the marketplace. For example - if you manage to snipe a Legendary Avatar from one of our drops - that character's story may play out in the Sandbox metaverse as a game or event.


Engage and customise your Avatars using the Osuvox PORTAL…connecting you with the metaverse. Put your Avatars to work by sending them on QUESTS, collect items and share them across all avatars using our shared Inventory system and much more. To find out more, head over to our Discord.

Osuvox Eye

Coming soon - The Osuvox eye will enable users to view their latest 3D NFT purchases in augmented reality. Additional options will allow models to be set against backdrops of our metaverse partner content. These experiences can be recorded/edited and minted as NFTs to list on your favourite marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible.

Osuvoxian Membership

10,000 unique avatars, one membership. To become a verified Osuvoxian - head over to our Discord. We run regular competitions there, make announcements and you become part of our community - oh and we’re opening a members only bar in the metaverse called ‘The Deep Squid’ - so please drop by for a warm cup of meta-tea! :)

June / July
Build Community
3rd species reveal on website
- #00001 Avatar competition
Discord community reward competition
Osuvox PORTAL launch
Branded avatar collaboration announcement (drops in Dec)
Osuvox PORTAL improvements
Arcona AR Park opening
Polygon integration for in-game items
Osuvox Portal improvements
Osuvox Forge release
Metaverse projects collaboration
Bodyshop (Wearable NFTs)
Sandbox / Osuvox World Announcement
AR treasure hunt (OVR / Arcona)
Legendary Avatar holders get 3D printed versions
SNAP integration
More TBA